David S.

DavidYou may not know him by name, but if you're involved with Special Olympics or the ARC, you probably have met David. David is a person with a full social calendar. Besides working his two jobs, he follows the example set by his parents and is an active member of his community.

A goal of David's parents was for their son to be an active participant in the community. When David was 10 years old he began to receive In-Home Support Services from the CCRI Options Department. CCRI caregivers came to their home on a daily basis and soon David began to thrive with the service provided by them. The bond between these caregivers and the family grew so strong that David's mom considers some of the caregivers as family. Caregivers worked with David on goals and objectives related to school as well as many home skills.

When David was a junior in high school, one of his teachers suggested that he move into his own home prior to graduation. The teacher suggested this would minimize the amount of disruption to David's life upon graduation and make his transition an easier one.

David's mother remembers asking herself how her son would survive without his family and her biggest fear was that no one could take care of him like they could. David's longtime CCRI caregivers played a significant role in making this transition a smooth one by helping train his new 24-hour staff, something that was a huge comfort for both David and his family.

His new house provided David and his roommates all the comforts of home; a private room, ample living space, a backyard and neighbors. CCRI understands that neighborhood involvement is the key to fostering good relationships. David's caregivers invited the new neighbors over for cookouts, and one of David's roommates even removed snow for their neighbor. These small cookouts led to neighborhood potlucks. Their active participation in their neighborhood led to new friendships and set the standard for CCRI's positive reputation as a neighbor.

By expanding living options throughout the community, CCRI can offer people beautiful homes and an opportunity to be a part of a true neighborhood environment—and the ability to make lasting relationships with roommates is very rewarding. David has attended numerous Vikings games and travelled to Disney World with his roommates and friends. Looking ahead, his mother knows that CCRI is an organization that can best support her son and offer him the opportunities in the community so important to her family.

David at a Twins game.