Services Overview

FriendsExplore some of the services we offer to help empower people with disabilities. We will help you select services and create a plan that is right for your situation.

CCRI Services

SLS (Supported Living Services)
Independent by Design (IBD)—Technology-Supported Living Services
Options (Options for Independent Living Program)
Mental Health Services

CCRI also offers a variety of programs not funded by the state. We are able to offer these programs thanks to donations from our wonderful supporters. These programs are offered through our unique Life Enrichment Program. This program provides activities at little to no cost and is available to all of our clients.

FriendsBecause No Two People Are Alike,
No Two Service Plans Are Alike.

We pride ourselves on providing individualized services. Upon authorization of services, CCRI will conduct an initial assessment. We will work with the client, the family, and caregivers to create a plan unique to the individual's needs.