Building a Better Future

Each year we have an amount of our budget that comes from philanthropic support. Gifts from caring people like you. That annual amount we call our funding gap. To close the funding gap on our $3.7 million building budget it will take $251,638 in community support.

Come on in...CCRI has played an important role in the community for more than 40 years by offering people with disabilities opportunities and choices that have enriched their lives. Through the generous support of individuals, foundations and corporate contributors, our programs have expanded, allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of programs that enhance the quality of life of each person we serve as well as to meet the needs of our community.

CCRI is proud of how far we have come. Yet, the courage to dream big and the need to do more for those we currently support and for those who will soon seek our assistance made us take a leap.

In the spring of 2014, CCRI moved into a new location in south Moorhead. Our new space is straight forward, nothing fancy, but its effects are profound. It allows us to achieve our vision and mission effectively, efficiently and with the utmost care and compassion. It allows us to offer additional opportunities that will enhance and enrich the lives of those we serve and it also allows us the ability to grow and meet the needs of our community.

This an exciting time in the life of our organization—we have moved in, but there is still so much more to do!

Please join us on our exciting journey. Together, with your partnership, we can encourage the people we support to keep dreaming big!