The Best Life AllianceThe Best Life Alliance

The Best Life Alliance is a nonpartisan coalition of Minnesotans advocating for a rate increase to help curb high staff turnover, and improve the quality of care for people receiving services. The campaign maintains that life in the community is the first and best option for people with disabilities and older Minnesotans, as well as their families, workers and our state as a whole.

The Best Life Alliance needs our help more than ever this year. This is a non-funding year in the legislature so there are many requests for dollars besides those for health and human services. The Best Life Alliance's chief bill authors are Sen. Kent Eken (DFL—Twin Valley), and Rep. Rod Hamilton (R—Mountain Lake). They are wonderful supporters of our field.

While the 2014 increase helped address a crisis, it is important that elected officials continue to make people with disabilities and older adults a priority. Even with the recent increase, rates for HCBS, like offered at CCRI, are far behind the pace of inflation and staff turnover remains a challenge.

It will be extremely important that you are in contact with legislators and the governor on a regular basis sharing the importance of our services and the work we do. If our voice isn't heard, they will assume the 2014 5% rate increase was enough—it was not. Please reach out to our legislators and governor so we can make an even bigger impact this year.

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