Hanging out with legislatorsHow to Advocate

Make a Big Difference in Just Five Minutes.

That's all it will take to learn the issues and send a letter to your elected officials. The actions of our government have an enormous impact, so please educate yourself and take action.

Support the Best Life Alliance

The Best Life Alliance is a nonpartisian coalition of Minnesotans who are working together to obtain a 5% rate increase for Home- and Community-Based Services in Minnesota. The campaign was successful in 2014 and is working hard to secure another 5% in 2016 to ensure the people who care for people with disabilities are paid a fair wage. Click to learn more.

Tips for Writing Letters and Sending E-mails

  • Keep them short. They should be one page if possible.
  • Write about a specific bill if possible. First say a little bit about the bill and include the number of the bill. If the bill has an official name or a commonly used name, use that too. (For example: the Waiting List Bill, the bill for more housing money for people with disabilities).
  • Talk about only one bill or issue in your letter or e-mail. If you write on more than one topic, some of your topics may not get noticed. If you want to write on several issues, write a separate letter or e-mail for each issue.
  • Put your letter or e-mail in your own words.
  • Say why you are interested in the bill and how the bill affects you.
  • Ask the legislator (or Governor) to contact you to discuss the bill. Include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail.
  • Thank your legislator (or Governor) for considering your position, and ask them to reply to you.