Camp H.E.R.O.

Boat RidesCamp H.E.R.O. (named for the goal of Helping Everyone Remove Obstacles) is an annual, three-day summer camp available to individuals served by CCRI. It's a place where people of every ability and age can have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

Camp H.E.R.O. has become a popular activity among the people we serve. It began in 1994 with 14 campers. By 2004, 58 campers enjoyed a great camping experience. Today, we fill the camp's entire sleeping capacity of more than 100 for the camp!

Camp H.E.R.O. offers boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, crafts and many more individualized activities. Outside of Camp H.E.R.O, these activities are frequently denied to those with disabilities because of the time and cost involved to make it a safe experience.

CCRI provides staff trained to work with individuals who have a disability. The Camp H.E.R.O. team is an enthusiastic group of men and women who are selected for their interest and dedication to helping people. CCRI's medical personnel also attend camp to ensure that it is a safe and healthy experience for everyone.

The fees only cover part of the costs of this expensive endeavor. Donations allow us to offset the costs so people of all income levels can enjoy camp. Your cash gift can help ensure that these services are available for future clients. Want to help? Contact Jody Hudson to find out how you can contribute directly to Camp H.E.R.O.

A walk at the Mississippi headwaters.