CCRI Review—2016 Annual Report (Printable Version)

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Celebrating 40 YearsCelebrating 40 Years

In 2017 we mark our 40th anniversary of providing person-centered opportunities to the people we support. This is a great milestone for everyone who has ever been involved with CCRI and we plan to celebrate throughout the year. But it's more than just a milestone—it's a point where we can look back to just how much has changed since CCRI launched our first home. Our communities have changed much during that time and we are light years away from what our first caregivers experienced in 1977 Hawley. They created a care-driven organization as a response to the institution settings that abruptly removed people from their families. Those were the days when it was expected the person who needed the care would conform to the type of care available instead of the other way around. That philosophy of service took a heavy toll on many individuals and families. By not personalizing care and services, individuals were left to make the most of their lives with only basic support options. Today, I take pride in how we are able to create care plans as unique as each person we support and our lives are impacted by the interactions we could not have had 40 years ago. And by creating a space for everyone in the fabric of our communities, we further enrich the public.

Shannon (R) and ShenaAs we consider what has made this immense turn in care possible, you only need to look as far as the people who make up CCRI. From those first families who knew there was a better option for their children, to the caregivers and staff who live that belief daily, to the people we support and the partners who help make it happen, it's simple: CCRI is successful because of the people who are a part of it. This year, we are celebrating our 40 years as an ongoing campaign telling these stories. We will celebrate the individuals who make CCRI unique, different, and the best at supporting people. We are calling this "I am CCRI" and I invite you to watch for it and to learn more about the people who are a part of this incredible organization.

The political climate in our country, state, and communities in 2017 is going to prove itself challenging to all organizations that rely on federal and state funding. The people we support are at a critical point in that we need to make the case that there is indeed value in helping them live full and enriched lives. Our caregivers should receive competitive wages. Their pay is directly tied to state reimbursement rates set by lawmakers. Their pay has not kept up with the rising costs over the past decade. To ensure we can continue to attract and keep the best team we MUST continue to educate our leaders about the importance of our work and stress how the people we support rely on qualified caregivers.

Smiles and CurlsCCRI would not exist without the vision, direction, and hard work of those founding families who decided to do something different 40 years ago. We are the beneficiaries of this vision and our entire team also accepts the mantle of stewardship that comes with it. We will continue to provide customized, person-centered support and services while caring about the people we serve. We will also remain steadfast in acting as advocates for people who need our support and help.

Together we form something that's unique, powerful, and that works. I am CCRI. You are CCRI. Together we are CCRI.

From our CCRI family to yours,
Shannon Bock, Executive Director