Meet Our Our Team

With almost 500 members, our staff is what makes CCRI truly special. Each one brings to their job a unique set of knowledge and skills. One thing that sets CCRI apart from other nonprofit organizations is the dedication of our core management team: the average tenure of our core management team is an impressive 16 years. Collectively, this group is responsible for ensuring those we are privileged to serve continue to get the incredible services we pride our reputation on.

But, our team's dedication doesn't stop with the core management group. Many other team members have also been with CCRI 10 years or more. The benefit of a long-term team allows us to provide incredible services to those we support. And, regardless of position title or job description, every one of our team members is committed to the mission and vision of the organization—and to providing each client using CCRI services with personal, top-notch care.
Our Management Group

Left to right:
Mark McGuigan, CPA, Business Manager; Team Member Since 2001
Dave Pompe, Options Assistant Director; Team Member Since 1998
Jody Hudson, Development Director; Team Member Since 1999
Shelly A. Thompson, Human Resources Director; Team Member Since 2016
Shannon Bock, Executive Director; Team Member Since 1994
Lynette Weber, LSW, Options Director; Team Member Since 1991
Eric Hilber, SLS Assistant Director; Team Member Since 1998
Kent Schultz, IT Director; Team Member Since 2006
Sue Lopez, Supported Living Services (SLS) Director; Team Member Since 1996