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Contact UsFor general information regarding CCRI or if you aren't sure who to contact send us an email at
If you know which department you want to get in touch with, see the contact information below.

Supported Living Services—SLS provides personalized, life-enriching services to people of all ages with disabilities who need assistance 24 hours a day.
Contact Eric Hilber at or 218-331-2010.

Independent by Design (Technology-Supported Apartment Services)—Independent by Design is an alternative to traditional adult foster care that allows flexibility to provide services tailored to the individual.
Contact Tamara Twite at or 218-331-2021.

Options for Independent Living—Through our variety of services a wide range of options are available for people with disabilities who need less than 24 hour care.
Contact Lynette Weber at or 218-331-2014.

Mental Health Services—Rehabilitative services to assist and support individuals in psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, independent living and community skills.
Contact Jamie Skrove at or 218-331-2009.

Life Enrichment—The Life Enrichment Program opens the door to greater community involvement. From local activities such as bowling leagues and birthday clubs, to day trips and extended travel to popular destinations.
View the Life Enrichment Activity Calendar
Contact Mercedes Eke at or 218-477-3710.

For Donation/Sponsorship Information, please contact Jody Hudson at or 218-331-2024.

For information on Volunteering, please contact Anna Larson at or 218-331-2036.

For Employment Information, contact Michelle Colvert at or 218-331-2029.