Dive into the CCRI Polar Plunge.

Super AmberThe idea to host a Polar Plunge was conceived as we searched for an exhilarating and unique way community members could get involved and support people with disabilities at CCRI. It's only fitting that the event is held on Giving Hearts Day, our communities biggest day of giving! 

RedHawk PlungersThe first group of CCRI Plungers was a hearty bunch who were excited about the possibility of doing something that took their breath away. They plunged so those supported by CCRI would have the opportunity to dive into life.

Smile!Fast forward five years and some things have changed—our hot tub now seats 12 (not just four), our changing areas are heated, we have sleigh rides, and a photo booth! The impact of the plungers has grown—In 2014, $11,000 was raised while in 2017, more than $18,000 was raised.

A typical reaction.Some things have stayed the same. The dollars raised still provide opportunities that help people achieve their potential and thrive as members of our community. The needs are great and are as unique as each person we support. When you jump into that icy cold pool, you will emerge with a heart warmer than you thought possible.

Read about why Amber takes the plunge here.


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